Sunday, September 25, 2011

When the Weather Gets Gloomy...

...There are a few things I love doing.  Breaking out the scarves is one of them, and cozying up indoors is another.  I daydream of Seattle in the fall, and I like thinking of warm meals made of root vegetables and roasts.

Today was definitely one of those gloomy days here in my neck of Northern California.  It drizzled, it was foggy, the temperature dropped enough for me to wear a rich colored scarf, and hot chocolate was definitely on the menu.  So after an unexpected and extremely welcome wake-up call from a close friend hoping to grab some breakfast together, I ventured out into the slightly misty morning for some grub at Crepevine (Mazatlan omelette = YUM!), then came home to find Nate and another friend eating brunch and ready to head to Bittersweet for something warm to drink.

Note to reader: if I could live at Bittersweet, with all of it's colorful worn wood furniture and delicious chocolate drinks, I totally would.  I mean, wouldn't you?

I love the classic hot chocolate and double chocolate cookie.  Mmmmm!

How was your weekend?
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