Life Lists

The 30 Before 30 List
[Brackets refer to Life List items]
(last updated 9/7/11)
  1. Establish a regular workout routine
  2. [84.] Meditate regularly
  3. Quit my current job [June '11]
  4. See at least 6 live music shows per year [2011]
  5. Go on a road trip along the East Coast [August '11]
  6. Attend a taping of the Colbert Report
  7. Complete the NaNoWriMo challenge
  8. [25.] Write a novel
  9. Run a 5k and 10k [5k in November '11]
  10. [15.] Sign up to go on a service trip abroad
  11. [64.] Become comfortable driving on freeways and learn to parallel parking
  12. [32.] Take public speaking courses (public speaking is one of my biggest fears)
  13. [18.] Begin language classes (Spanish?  French?  Hawaiian?)
  14. Visit an out-of-state national park [Shenandoah National Park]
  15. Attend a Stratejoy workshop/event 
  16. Meet some bloggers in person
  17. Lose 50lbs (which is what I need to lose to be at a "healthy weight")
  18. [43.] Go on an archaeological dig
  19. Submit a piece of fiction for publishing
  20. Spend a weekend at my favorite bed and breakfast
  21. Cook my way through an entire cookbook
  22. Apply for grad school
  23. [8.] Take a 3-month-long backpacking trip around the world
  24. Take mom to Ireland
  25. Run a half marathon
  26. [62.] Finish paying off my credit card debt
  27. Start eating only humanely/naturally raised, free-range products (and less meat in general)
  28. [80.] Start a retirement fund
  29. Get engaged (Possibly.  Hopefully.  This one's obviously negotiable.)
  30. [81.] Start the process of moving back to Seattle (Again, hopefully.)

The Life List
(last updated 2/4/11)
  1. Graduate from a 4-year college [University of Washington, '05]
  2. Travel to Ireland ['03, '08]
  3. Have a rustic, vintage, outdoor, handmade wedding
  4. Fall in love [with Nate]
  5. Live outside of Hawaii for an extended period of time ['02-present]
  6. Retire on the Big Island, HI
  7. Build an incredibly stylish and versatile wardrobe
  8. Take a backpacking trip around the world
  9. Adopt an animal that needs a home [Mija the cat, Finn the dog]
  10. Hike regularly
  11. Sky dive at sunset in the Bay of Islands, NZ
  12. Bungy jump [Kawarau Bridge, NZ, '05]
  13. Cage dive with great white sharks
  14. Zip-line in Whistler, BC
  15. Volunteer with an international humanitarian organization
  16. See U2 live [June '11]
  17. Take a vacation abroad with my mom and sisters
  18. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  19. Get my PhD
  20. Go ATVing on Mauna Road on the Big Island, HI
  21. Stand under the Eiffel Tower when it's lit up at night
  22. Walk through Old City, Jerusalem
  23. Take a trip to Alaska and see the Northern Lights, grizzly bears, and go dog sledding
  24. Pet a tiger [Thailand, '06]
  25. Write a YA novel
  26. Own a hybrid car
  27. Cultivate a personal relationship with God
  28. Keep a journal and try to write in it as much as possible
  29. Have my writing published [academic publications, '09]
  30. Vacation in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard [Cape Cod done in '11]
  31. Meet someone famous
  32. Overcome my fear of public speaking
  33. Watch a sunset in Positano, Italy
  34. Study abroad [Northern Ireland '02, New Zealand '05]
  35. Learn to snowboard
  36. Go on an African safari
  37. Take annual vacations somewhere I've never been
  38. Work or intern for a travel/lifestyle magazine or publisher (i.e. Sunset, Lonely Planet)
  39. Go white water rafting [Wenatchee River, '04]
  40. Play in the falling snow [first time: Seattle, '04]
  41. Open a bookstore (and possibly a cafe)
  42. Visit all the National Parks
  43. Go on an archaeological dig
  44. Get backstage at a concert and meet the band [Band of Horses, '10]
  45. Work/volunteer on a ranch or wildlife preserve
  46. Give birth to a child
  47. Adopt a child
  48. Practice yoga and pilates at least 2x a week for a year
  49. Spend a few days in Santorini, Greece
  50. Get certified and go diving on the Great Barrier Reef
  51. Own a home in Hawaii
  52. Lose 40lbs in a healthy way
  53. Get a tattoo [Got 2, so far]
  54. Take a week-long rafting trip in the Grand Canyon
  55. Visit Crater Lake, OR [Northwest Roadtrip, '09]
  56. Camp in Yosemite National Park
  57. Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza
  58. Have a marathon LotR extended version movie night (b/c I'm a nerd)
  59. Go horseback riding [with Nate, '08]
  60. Work to increase/protect the rights of indigenous peoples
  61. Run another 10k
  62. Get out of credit card debt
  63. Take a cross-country roadtrip
  64. Learn to drive comfortably on freeways
  65. Have a career where I can work from home
  66. Get Lasik eye surgery
  67. Visit the fjords and Alesund, Norway
  68. Ring in the New Year in NZ (it's the first place to experience it!)
  69. Go to the Olympics [Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, '10]
  70. Own a house with views of the great outdoors
  71. Restore a fixer-upper
  72. See New England in the Fall
  73. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
  74. Go ghost hunting
  75. Learn to sew and reupholster
  76. Be on the winning team at my family's Annual Cook-Off
  77. Earn a stable and comfortable income doing something I love
  78. Own a horribly expensive, but utterly fabulous, pair of shoes
  79. Grow a garden
  80. Start and maintain a savings and retirement fund
  81. Move back to Seattle for a period of time 
  82. Get my mother's secret recipe for her Energy Bars
  83. Go hot-air ballooning
  84. Meditate 5x a week for a year
  85. Trace my genealogy ['10]
  86. Go to a Renaissance Fair ['07]
  87. Crowd surf at a rock concert [No Doubt, '98]
  88. See the ruins of a lost civilization
  89. Buy (and wear) some amazingly sexy La Perla lingerie
  90. Raft +5 rapids
  91. Stop drinking Diet Coke [January '11]
  92. Take a Girls Trip out of the country
  93. Hire a personal shopper/stylist for a day
  94. Visit a place I've read about in a novel [Monterey, CA and Ireland]
  95. Participate in La Tomatina in Spain
  96. Take a photography class
  97. Travel to Bali, Indonesia
  98. Learn to cook one fabulous go-to "company" dinner
  99. Relearn to play the violin
  100. Call home weekly
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