Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Girl♥Health]: Daily Workout Stats

Type of Workout:  Treadmill - run/walk
Duration:  25 min.
Calories Burned:  162.6 cal.
Description:  10 min warm up walk, next 12 min alternate between 1 min walking and 1 min running, 3 min cool-down walk.

I ran a tiny bit more today than I did on Monday, not wanting to over-exert myself and ruin my "come back" (haha!), but wanting to make some progress toward getting back on track so that on Monday I can start fresh from where I left off pre-back fail/Hawaii.  The run felt great and I realized that I don't tire as easily, which mentally is such a huge boost.

I'm also super excited that I'm still so motivated!  I'll admit that I was worried that my motivation would die out as the weeks went on, much like it has so many times in the past.  But here I am, still incredibly dedicated to getting fit!  In fact, I've been thinking about my goals for September and -- though I admit that I MAY not reach one of them (the one about going to a pilates class) unless I feel confident enough in my back by this Friday -- I realize that I've totally reached my main goal of incorporating exercise so much into my life that it's become something I just do, even something that I look forward to, rather than this horrible thing I dread doing and I rack my brain thinking of excuses so I can avoid it.

I love when lifestyle changes work out this well.  :)

Something for me to work on in the next few days: Working out on the days when I'm at my internship.  I haven't been great about it lately (which is why there usually isn't a Daily Stats post on Tuesdays and Thursdays), but there's really no reason why I can't do something on those days.  I start late enough in the morning that I can fit in a short workout before leaving the house, so I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and see how it goes.
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