Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Girl♥Health]: Daily Workout Stats

Type of Workout:  Walk and run on treadmill; hike with Nate and Finn
Duration:  1 hr and 36 min.
Calories Burned:  at least 367
Description:  .5 mile warm-up walk, followed by a 1 mile run and .1 mile cool-down walk.  Then a 2.7 mile hike with Nate and Finn at the Sunol Regional Wilderness Reserve.

A couple of things felt extra nice today: 1) Sticking to my work-out routine even though it's a Saturday and I usually use that as an excuse not to, and 2) Getting outdoors and seeing "Little Yosemite" at Sunol Regional Wilderness.

It's been a great day, so far.

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