Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Years Later

7 years ago today, at the start of an amazing three months in New Zealand, Nate and I started dating.  I remember thinking that I'd never met anyone who could make me laugh so much.  To this day, on top of all the love and respect that's grown over the years, there's still that thought: I've never met anyone who can make me laugh so much

When people ask me about the strengths of our relationship, it's the first thing I always want to say.:  Laughter.  Love.  Fun.  Silliness.  And then yes, all those other things as well: communication, patience, commitment, faith.  I don't think I'm naturally a very easy-going person; I take myself a bit too seriously and usually prefer to be in control of things (it's something I'm working on).  And Nate manages to balance me out so well.  He's more roll-with-the-punches and lets-see-where-this-road-goes.  More lets-tell-some-jokes or make-funny-faces.  More I-know-you're-mad/sad/worried/busy/stressed-but-it's-time-to-let-that-all-go-now-just-be-with-me.  And, as I've learned over the years, without him, my life would be so much...less.

So if you're reading this -- yes, you! -- I love you.  And happy anniversary!

January 2005.  Auckland, New Zealand.
Now.  Northern California
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