Friday, September 30, 2011

Nutshelled: September

Can you believe it's practically October already?  October.  As in, the 10th month of 2011.  We'd might as well be in the new year.

September has definitely been a good, but hectic, month for me.  I began job hunting in earnest, I re-started my Awesome Internship, I began re-hauling my health through major diet and fitness changes, I began this blog, I started volunteering with Stratejoy, I joined a small group at my local church, my best friend got married and I spent a weekend in Hawaii with my family, and for the first time in maybe ever, I don't have a plan for my future and I'm sort of okay with that.

All things considered, these past 30 days have been pretty big for me!

Coming into this month, I didn't realize all the changes that were going to happen.  I knew that there were changes I wanted to happen, but I'd been wanting these things to happen for a while now and they just never turned out (or, a more accurate way of putting it would be that I just never stuck with it long enough to make them turn out).  For example, I'd been wanting to "get healthy" -- whatever that meant in all its vagueness -- for as long as I can remember.  I've tried so many diets its stupid to even think about it.  I've started working out for periods of time, but it's always just fallen to the wayside in the end.  So many things always just fell to the wayside in the end.

But there was something in the water this September.  I mean, shit got done.  Maybe not everything -- e.g. I don't have a job yet -- but even my whole mentality about those still as-yet-to-be-done things has shifted a little and I find myself less crazed by it all.  I wish I had a job, yes, because the money is important for you know, things like rent and food and all, but it's okay that it's taking some time.  Because maybe that means that I'm going about it the right way this time.  And until such a time as I get that "right job," I'm filling my days like it's nobody's business with other things I really care about.  Like health and fitness and Stratejoy and friends and my dog and reading and [hopefully soon] writing.

And if October does happen to bring even more big things for me (like said job), then I hope that this all proves sustainable, because it finally feels like I'm reintroducing things into my life that I've been missing without even knowing it.

I feel like I'm starting to be me again.
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