Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recipe Roundup

You guys, I have clearly been starving lately.  I've been thinking of food non-stop, dreaming about mushrooms and soups and desserts.  Inundating my Pinterest boards with things I want to make, recipes I can't wait to try.  I'm not usually the cooking type, but seriously, I can't wait to get in the kitchen and whip some of this stuff up.

Then devour.  Obviously.

Here are some of the highlights of my life at the moment:
  • This beef stew recipe from Movita Beaucoup.  I mean, you make it in a slow cooker, which tells me two things right off the bat: 1) this is gonna be crazy simple and convenient, and 2) this is also gonna be crazy delicious given the amount of time it's given to cook (8-10 hours!).  Typically, my favorite beef stew recipe is a copycat of the Guinness beef stew I had at the Newgrange visitor's center cafeteria in Ireland.  I know "cafeteria" doesn't necessarily bring to mind "effing delicious," but believe me.  But I'm way more than willing to give this one a fighting chance.  First rainy day of fall.  All.  Over.  It.
  • Speaking of rainy days.  This is also going to happen.  Maybe on the same night as the beef stew.  Just in case we run out or something.  No?  Meh.  I love the How Sweet It Is blog -- Jessica is friggin hilarious and all her recipes make me salivate.  So it's no surprise that, although I've been anti-mac and cheese for most of my life and am still highly, highly picky about the stuff (I know, who am I?), I'm obsessed with her white cheddar and arugula pesto mac and cheese.
  • Nate and I made this from Donal Skehan one night last week, on one of our pescetarian days.  The mushroomy, garlicy, cruchy bruschetta went perfectly with the caprese (fresh tomatoes!  Woo!) and whole artichoke we had alongside it.  I was worried, like I usually am on non-meat days, that I wouldn't be full after I finished eating -- this is probably one of the biggest struggles for me...getting past my own mental blocks -- but the bruschetta is pretty much the size of two pizza slices so I was completely satisfied when I was done.  Definitely, definitely making this again.  Soon.
  • I have three favorite restaurants in the world.  One is the Chinese place my family has been going to for years back in Hawaii, the other is the best Thai restaurant outside of Thailand and is located in Seattle.  And the last is the first Indian restaurant I ever ate at (also in Seattle) which has since moved locations and changed its name.  It was there that I discovered chicken tikka masala.  And the love affair began.  I'm dying to try this recipe from Can't Live Without, which may be a biiiiiit out of my very limited league, but just look at it.
  • This deliciousness from Spoonful was dinner on Sunday.  Because we had almost everything on-hand and were looking for something vegetarian to eat that was both filling and quick.  It turned out to be so good that we'll be making it again before much longer -- especially with cold weather coming!  I have memories of eating udon at my village Hongwanji's Obon as a kid.  It came in styrofoam cups and was hastily eaten along with hot dogs and Okinawan donuts.  I love when foods carry stories with them.
  • You've probably seen this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen floating around the internet lately.  These cookies look insane and I am making them as soon as I can.  Maybe right now.  I mean, these are nutella-stuffed brown butter and sea salt cookies, guys.  !!!  What?!  SOLD.
You're welcome.  Happy eating.

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