Monday, August 6, 2012

Explain Something to Me...

A little over half an hour ago, a Chevron refinery in the next city over blew up.  It freaking BLEW UP.  They're telling us to close our doors and windows, shut off ventilation systems and try not to breathe in outside air.

So someone explain to me how we -- as people, as human beings, as a species that shares the world we live in -- can go on ruining our planet and ourselves as if this isn't killing everything.  We drill.  We frack.  We cut down forests and burn.  We kill for sport.  We overfish.  We don't recycle.  We guzzle gas.  We heat up our planet and flood entire land masses.  We act as if we're invicible.

And when we have proof that we're not?  We just ignore it.

It's time for change, people.  Wake up.

[Photo via the Richmond Confidential]
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