Friday, August 24, 2012

A PSA For You College Kids

Please note the Buster Posey bobble-head.  Go Giants!

Last week, things got a little out of sorts in my house.  I started -- for no apparent reason -- to feel cluttered.  Everywhere I looked, there was just tons of stuff.  Clothes I never used, files I never opened, papers I never looked at and books I never read.

It all had to go.

So then, (two days later) I'm sitting in a completely de-cluttered environment, staring at bags upon bags of crap I have to take to Goodwill, and I realize that most of this stuff is textbooks.

I have hundreds (thousands?) of dollars worth of textbooks that I'm just going to GIVE AWAY.

As someone who is at the mercy of contractual/consultant-based work, you can see why this might make me crazy.  Here I am, sitting on tons of money spent on things I will never use again, while I'm having trouble scraping together money to pay my bills.

Anyway, this got me thinking about college and law school, and how poor I was then, but how I didn't bat an eyelash at buying these back-breaking textbooks.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to rent those books like we rent movies?  Wouldn't I have saved tons of money?  Wouldn't I have enjoyed returning my Property Law textbook at the end of the semester and never having to look at it again ever in my life? (the nice folks who asked me to talk about their service), where were you when I needed you?!

So, here is a public service announcement for all your college-goers: Rent your textbooks!  It makes so much more sense, right?  Go online, search for book, rent said book for however long you need it, save about 40-90% on the cost, highlight all over the book, and ship it back for free when you're done with it.  I've used it on more than one occasion -- once the agony of paying for books I'll never read again became too much to bear -- and it was all smooth sailing and pretty straight forward for me.

In the end, here is what you won't be doing three (or seven) years later: Running around your house like a madwoman throwing away everything in sight because your mountain of textbooks has driven you insane.

Learn from my mistakes.  And good luck this semester.

[Full disclosure: My opinions on this blog are always my actual opinions.  But sometimes, because a girls gotta pay her bills, I do accept money or monetary goods in exchange for writing about a service or product I use and love, or that I'd like to use and love given the chance.  This is one of those times. Don't hate.]

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