Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday, and I Sew

Being without a steady stream of income has very few perks.  Very, very few.  But for me, one of those perks undoubtedly has to be the fact that it's taught forced me to change my spending habits.  Where I used to have a tendency to be shopping every time you turned around -- spending more money than I had on things I didn't really want and definitely didn't need -- I now have to be very picky about what I spend my money on (i.e Do I really want this?  No, like really, really want this?).

As a result of my new found frugality, one of my favorite things to do these days is to take jeans I no longer where because they're ill-fitting or out of style, and skinny them.

So because it's Friday, and I now apparently sew, here's the vid that -- along with a BFF who actually knows what she's doing in front of a sewing machine -- taught me what's up:

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