Monday, November 21, 2011

Girls Night and Rainstorms and Vampires, Oh My!

So this is the one where I talk about the new Breaking Dawn movie.  If you haven't seen it and don't want to know certain things (like when it ends), stop here.  If you haven't read the book (and to this person: really?) and don't want to know anything about it, stop here.  Otherwise, here we go!

My overall thought is that the movie was pretty much in keeping with the rest of them.  It was good and cheesy and awkward (painfully so sometimes) and over-the-top, which is exactly what it should be.  I'm not sure you could make movies out of these books without them being all those things.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't completely enjoy myself.  It was so much fun watching this movie with a bunch of my girlfriends (after walking through the pouring rain to get to the theater) and knowing we were all equally enthralled and mortified at the same time.  The laughing helped too.

A couple things:
  • Jacob's shirt is off within the first 5 seconds of this movie.  And enough can't be said about that.
  • With this franchise being as lucrative as it is, you really would think they could get better hair and makeup for the vamps.  I don't get why their wigs and contacts are so horrible!
  • Anna Kendrick and Billy Burke remain my favorites, even though between them they probably have about 5 lines.  But they were lines that were perfectly delivered.
  • The honeymoon is awkward.  I'm sorry, it is.
  • For people who have been dating for a number of years in real life, the lack of chemistry between Kristen Stewart and RPatz on-screen is sort of amazing.
  • Speaking of RPatz, his moment of shining glory comes near the end, when Edward yells at Bella.  I definitely felt sucked into the movie at that point.
  • There is more than one montage in this film.  I don't think there should be more than one montage in any film.  Ever.
  • Where the film really goes above and beyond succeeding is in making Bella look like she is on the verge of death for the last 45 minutes.
  • This was probably the most traumatic labor/birth scene I've ever seen.  I must have skimmed over this part of the book, but I'm going back to read it now to see if it's written to be so...tragic and disturbing.  Regardless, it was good and almost made me cry. 
  • Kristen Stewart does this hand and eye flutter thing that drives me nuts.  But she still looked beautiful in the movie, aside from when she looked like death.
  • Watching the movie has made me appreciate the soundtrack more, so it's going to be staying on rotation for a while after all.
  • The film ends after Bella's conversion, right when she opens her eyes as a vampire for the first time.  The conversion itself -- the use of technology to make her go from looking like and alien to looking like a beautiful vampire -- was great, and I can't wait to see Part 2, just because Vamp Bella was always my favorite version of her.
  • Stay to watch the credits for about a minute after the last scene.
Have you seen it yet?  What did you think? 

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