Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Girl♥Health]: November is about Recommitting

It's about 10 days into the month so I'm a little late in coming up with a November Monthly Plan, but I still want to do one, especially after October turned out to be so...strange.

October definitely wasn't the most successful month in terms of pushing forward.  I felt like I played a lot of catch-up and eventually settled for maintaining rather than progressing.  But I'm okay with that, I think.  And I'm okay with taking November slow too.  I sort of want to reclaim this month, which hasn't been a very good month for me these passed few years, and make sure that I end up happy with what I'm able to give to my fitness goals.

November Action Plan

My main EXERCISE goal for the month is to continue to incorporate workouts into my life by doing something physical everyday.  This month, I want to try and have that physical activity be more than just walking the dog.  I want to sweat at least 3 times a week, for at least half an hour.  I also want to complete my 5k and be satisfied with trying my hardest, even if that means I didn't run the entire thing.  This will obviously require me to actually try my hardest.  And finally, I want to begin searching for another run/walk event to do either in February or March.

In terms of my FOOD goals this month, I want to really focus on getting back into the habit of eating better foods and eating more regularly.  I slacked off a little on this front last month and definitely need to recommit to it.  Continue eating humanely raised meat products, continue eating less meat altogether, and definitely watch my portion control.
Key Activities:
Wake up before 8:30am (weekdays)
Eat breakfast, lunch and small snacks throughout the day (daily)
Run (3 days a week)
Back strengthening exercises (daily)
Pilates or yoga at home (2 days a week)
Try a new recipe (once a week)
Read food labels -- don't buy what I can't pronounce and what's not naturally raised
Watch my portions -- half a plate of greens, 1/4 a plate of grains, 1/4 a plate of protien (every meal)
A day trip out of the Bay Area, anywhere I want to go.

View all my previous monthly plans here.
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