Monday, November 7, 2011

[Girl♥Health]: Daily Workout Stats

Type of Workout:  Walk around the neighborhood with Finn the Dog and dancing around for 2 hours at the Jack's Mannequin show
Duration:  2.5 hrs
Description:  Again, a flat walk, but done at a brisk pace.  And then the dancing.  Ohhh, the dancing.

I think I've turned a corner in the way I talk to myself when it comes to exercise.  Maybe it's not a sharp corner -- more of a gentle one, really -- but I think it's important anyway.  What's been going on with me lately is that it's been hard to keep up the workout routine in the face of my back issues, a cold, and an Advocacy Training I've been helping the org I intern with plan for the better part of 6 months (said Training happened this past weekend and was inspiring).  I let my exhaustion, laziness, business, and lack of motivation get in the way.  And then I berate myself over it.

So I've been thinking about the way I talk to myself in my head.  I'm not crazy, we all do it (right?  right?!).  But when it comes to exercise and the fact that I haven't been running every day, the things I say to myself seem to run along the lines of "What's wrong with you?" and "You're a failure," and "You knew you weren't gonna be able to see this through."

I can be such a bitch sometimes.

But then I realized today that, though I wasn't running, I was doing something physical each day, mostly in the form of walking my dog.  But it's something, and that's really what my goal has been these past few months: to do something physical every day; to get in the groove of it all.  And so maybe I should be a little nicer to myself about it all, you know?  That's not to say that I'm going to stop running and pilates and do just the bare minimum.  But it does mean that I need to listen to my body and, if I'm just too tired to run the miles that day, it's okay that I just take my dog on a walk instead.

It's the little things, the little realizations, that are making the big differences for me today.
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