Monday, October 31, 2011

Trying to Refocus

Things have seemed a little scattered around Girl♥Life lately.  I've been focusing a lot on certain things and letting other things -- meaningful, important things -- fall to the wayside.  My work at my internship is excelling, but my work on my own personal well-being is lagging a little.  I haven't been able to stir up the motivation to run or blog lately, and that's been putting me in a mood (hint: not a good one).  I'm feeling a little desperate and a lot discouraged on the job hunt front and am trying to grasp at a feeling of...hope, really, that things will work out, that I'll find what I'm looking for.  That I won't end up homeless and hungry, alone and desolate on the streets with only the birds and mice for companions.
Okay, so I'm also feeling a little melodramatic, apparently.

*shakes my body in an effort to snap out of it*

But we're trying to get refocused over here.  I mean, I'm the one in control of my life, right?  Who says I have to be in a funk?  Who says I can't shift my attention so that it's once again centered around good, fulfilling, positive thoughts and activities?

No one, that's who.

So even though November, as you all may know by now, is the motherload of all busy months for me (does this happen to anyone else?  Why does it feel like everything waits until November to actually happen?) I'm going to really make an effort this week to get back in my groove.  In fact, I'm going to close this post in a second, change into some workout gear, and take my dog on a walk.  Then I'm going to come back home, have some pumpkin pie (oh, whaaat), and dive headfirst into a bunch of really inspiring stuff -- from Daryl Hannah's vlogs on environmentalism, to researching more about the Keystone XL's impact on indigenous communities, to reading up on some freebie resources for living your best life (start here and then go here), and round it out by doing some journaling to get clear on where my head's at right now.

And I may just download Kelly Clarkson's new album while I'm at it.  Just maybe.
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