Friday, October 7, 2011

Friends and Tacos

Last night, Danny, a close friend of mine and Nate's, took over a local cafe and cooked the most delicious tacos ever.  He knows I'm a sucker for his carnitas (Fried pork?  Yes, please.), and so we ordered a handful of those tacos, as well as his vegetarian tacos (mmmm, potatoes, peppers, onions...).  And then we ordered some tostadas with chicken and some chips and salsa just because they're that good.  :)  There was no stopping us.

There's a general consensus among our friends that Danny needs to open his own restaurant, so we're all so glad that he's taking this step to start building a following in our city.  These sort of "pop-ups" that are getting hugely popular right now are great for that sort of "feeling it out" stage, and our community is such a foodie one that it's just such a great opportunity to eat amazing food and meet amazing up-and-coming chefs.

Plus, it's a chance to support Danny and hang out with friends.  Always a good thing.  Especially when there's sangria involved.  And there is...lot's of it.

So if you're in the Berkeley, CA area on an upcoming Thursday evening (5:30-8:30pm), come and eat some damn good tacos at Guerilla Cafe!  And say hi!
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