Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[Girl♥Health]: Getting Started

I've heard somewhere that sometimes the hardest part of anything is just getting started.  Well, this is me getting started, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!  Thanks for joining me!

So here's the skinny (and who am I kidding, that pun was totally intended) on what this -- and I -- am all about:  For as long as I can remember, I've battled being unhealthy.  It was a combination of genes, socio-economics, a lack of self-confidence and willpower, an excessive amount of excuses and laziness, and a love of fatty foods.  I enjoyed eating large portions and heavy meals, and eventually got too self-conscious of my weight to want to be active anymore.  After all, who wants to be the chubby girl bringing up the rear of the class during P.E.?

All of this resulted in my relationship with both my body and food becoming a fairly abusive one.  I wanted so desperately to lose the weight, to look healthy, that I would happily go to unhealthy extremes just to get those results.  So I starved and punished and binged, then gained it all back in a moment of clarity before the cycle would begin once again.  It's a pretty common story, I think.

And yet never did it cross my mind to actually change my eating habits for the better.  I continued to eat those fatty foods I knew and loved (and let me tell you, I love me a cheeseburger, french fries and a Diet Coke) and to think of exercise only as some sort of crazy form of torture I had to force myself to endure once in a while.  Not once did I ever take a look at my food or its quality, or at my activity types and levels, and think, "Well, this is interesting."  I was just...resigned to being in bad shape, in every way.

All that changed recently, and I'm honestly not sure what it was that brought this on.  Maybe it was my doctor telling me if I didn't change my habits, she'd need to put me on cholesterol medication that would make it nearly impossible for me to have that huge brood of children I've always dreamed of.  Maybe it was me finally getting tired of looking at every picture of myself and thinking they were all horrible.  Maybe it was finally watching "Food, Inc." (have you watched it yet?  Seriously, life changing.).  I'm not sure, but I'm just glad.  I'm so glad that some change in me has happened and I am finally looking at my health (not only my weight) as a priority.

So that's what this section of my blog will be.  It will be the testimony of a girl trying to lead a healthier life.  Does that involve working towards a healthy weight?  Yes, but weight loss in my case is only one indicator of a healthy life.  Does that include trying to eat foods that are healthier and of better quality?  Yes, but I'm definitely no chef or nutritionist and will totally have a steak every once in a while.  Does that mean I'm going to be working out more?  Yes, but no one would ever mistake me for a personal trainer, so you'll want to look up workouts that would work for you if you're interested.  This is just a blog about a girl (me) who's finally in love with the idea of treating my body the way it should be treated.

Wish me luck!

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